Garden Committees 

There are many ways to get involved in the garden! Let us know what you’re interested in.

Classes and Education
The education committee arranges classes to help new gardeners be successful and to keep experienced gardeners educated on new and best practices. Resources are available from CSU extension master gardeners, DUG, and others in our community. Curiosity, interest in learning and teaching, and scheduling are valuable strengths.
This committee keeps gardeners, DUG, and the Golden community informed by updating the garden website and Facebook, compiling the email newsletter, photography, writing articles for Golden or DUG publications, and writing the annual garden report. Writing, computer, and web development skills are useful here.
Compost Crew
Events & Outreach
This committee is responsible for sharing our garden with the greater Golden community, as well as bringing gardeners together. Events include movies in the garden, happy hours, block parties, the harvest potluck, and outside volunteer coordination. Event planning and people skills are encouraged.
Irrigation Crew
Membership Committee
The membership committee handles the application process, assigns new plots, hosts the membership orientation meeting, helps new gardeners, and tracks volunteer hours. Must have convenient computer access.
Together Church of Golden Food Bank Plots
Weeds Crew
The maintenance committee is responsible for ensuring gardeners have what they need for a bountiful season (compost, water, tools, pathways, etc.). This committee coordinates work days and orchestrates special garden projects such as cut flowers, the orchard, the butterfly garden, building projects and the labyrinth. Helpful skills are attention to detail, interest in planning, and building expertise.
If you didn't find a fit above, please suggest other ways you could help the garden.